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Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday my name is Kori Ashton here in San Antonio Texas and today we’re going to be looking at how to set up notifications for your customers when you’re using Gravity Forms. The other thing that’s exciting about this video is that it is now one of fifteen other videos inside of this Gravity Forms playlist that I have on our YouTube channel. I’ll put the link to that playlist in the description box below so that if you’re trying to learn new things about Gravity Forms, you definitely want to check out all the different resources we have for you there.

Alright, so let’s get to it. We have a really great question come in on our YouTube channel. It says “Hi Kori, I could not get a customer notification to work and when I set it to the email field. Does this work for you?”. So the quick answer to that is, yes however, if it’s not working for you, there are some troubleshooting things you can do really quickly before we get directly into how to set up all of these notifications correctly. So I want you to be sure that you are running the most recent version of your theme. I want you to be sure that you’re running the most recent version of WordPress and I want you to be sure that you’re running the most recent version of Gravity Forms. Of course. Right, so those are kind of some troubleshooting things. Be sure you have a backup of your website and go click update so that all those things are completely up-to-date. One other thing I want to be sure of is that you do not have another type of form builder inside of your website that could be causing conflicts, as well. One last troubleshooting thing I want you to be sure of is to set up notifications to yourself so that you know for a fact that the forum is working and then all we need to do is figure out why the customer is not getting that specific notification. It could, in fact, be going to their spam folder, right? So I have a solution for that, as well. So let’s go.

Check this out. I will show you today how to set up notifications. You’re going to choose the forum that you want to set the notification to and by default Gravity Forms only adds in the admin notification. So we want to click “add new” and create a custom notification. Super straightforward here. A customer notification. You’re going to select the field inside of your form that you created for the email. Of course, it’s going to be from you right, Kori Ashton, and then from your email address or whoever you have to have that from on your team. Right, and then
your subject line could be whatever you want it to be. Your email message can be whatever you want it to be and then you “save notification”. That simple. Truthfully. That’s crazy if you want to learn more specifically about maybe how to add a file to that notification so they get maybe a PDF file or some sort of added attachment, I’ve got another video for that, again, in the playlist below. So check that out.

Okay last troubleshooting bit, if they’re still not receiving the darn notification, here’s a really cool plugin that you can add your website that’s going to help fix the problem. This actually helps kind of reroute how your website sends notifications or sends email addresses. This is a pretty involved plug-in, but what I want you to do is come down here below and check out the different screenshots they give you. Awesome instructions on how to set this up and how to basically redirect your website to be sure to send out that notification. Super-crazy cool. If you need more help with this and y’all are interested in me doing a tutorial specifically on this plug-in, be sure to holler at me. Leave a comment in the thread below and I’ll try to do another one for you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all.

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