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Kori shows you a simple plugin to help you customize your login screen. If you want a different logo or background color – it’s all doable. A viewer posted an additional plugin that looks pretty great too. Find both plugins here – or

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Hey, everybody! Welcome to another amazing WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio, Texas. Today I have a question coming in from our YouTube channel comments and we get so many every single week and month it’s incredible, but this one which stood out to me and I thought I can do a tutorial on that.

So the question is, how do you make kind of a custom login screen, you know if you’ve dealt with WordPress for long you know that the opening login screen is kind of a little bit boring and it lets everybody know right away, of course, that you’re using WordPress which is cool…shout out to WordPress, but still what if we can maybe put our logo there or a message to our team there or something kind of more customized right maybe change the colors or something. Oh! we can do it, check it out y’all.

I’m going to show you this pretty cool plugin that I found and so far it’s really amazing. Of course, you want to be sure that it has active installs and you want to be sure that it’s tested up to the current version. Sorry about that… that you’re using so you want to be sure that. You also just want to be sure that the authors are keeping it real, alright, they’re keeping it updated. So check out all these cool customizations.

This is one of the cool views of a blogging screen you can actually put an image full screen if you wanted to. You can put a different logo up here you can change all the colors. You can change the colors of this box. It goes pretty in-depth as to what you can do here so I’m going to show you something here as I logout. You can see this is our standard login logout screen right we’re all familiar with that one.

We’re going to log in now and you’re going to go into your plugins and you’re going to look for or do a search to install AG customized admin. I’ve already done that, of course, you want to add new and you did a search for it now. Of course, this is not going to be accessible to those of you who are on the version you have to be on the self-hosted version to add plugins. So just know that. If you don’t have the functionality one or two things is happening, either you’re not set to be an admin, so you don’t have the privileges to add or the permissions rather add a plug-in. Or you’re probably on the free version of WordPress and you don’t have the function already in there. If you’re on the self-hosted you’re able to add, activate and once it’s activated now this is tricky because you wouldn’t really know where the customization lives. Check this out. Now that it’s installed and activated, underneath tools you’re going to go to AG custom admin. Get ready to have your mind be blown here? y’all.

There’s, so much customization this is almost if you’ve watched my YouTube channel, you know that there are things known as option overload and here we are, but check this out! I mean you can literally do anything you want to do to customize a whole user experience. Not only on that login screen but also inside the dashboard. So your admin bar, you can make changes to that. Your footer area of the website, if you wanted to change it from saying “Thank you for creating with WordPress” you could say “Created by the nerds at you can put out there if you wanted to, click “Save Changes”.

Now I want you to notice something kind of cool about this, there it is right there, boom, how cool is that? I love it! I love it! love it! fun changes like that dashboard. You can change all of these colors and normally you can do that but this takes you to this totally, just totally different next level.  You can add a custom message. That’s super cool. Here’s our login screen that we’re talking about so how do we change that image header. This is what you do you’re going to upload a picture over to your media library and I’ve already got one sitting here. Specifically for our viewer that asked me how to make this video tutorial, they were asking can I do something that maybe says employee login. You can just create a PNG image or just a regular image and put in their employee login right here, upload that image to your library and then you’re going to go into this customization here and paste in that link to that image, that image URL. They’ve got really nice hover tooltips here if you were to hover over you can kind of read a little bit further into what this actually does. If somebody were to click on that image now, we want them to go to our home page so you can put that in here. I’m going to scroll down for now. That’s all the customization I can do. You can certainly read through each one of these and see what else you’d want to do that screen but I’m gonna go ahead and click “Save Changes” for now and I’m going to log out so you can see what that looks like. Pretty cool huh? ya’ll. There it is, so now we’ve got an image sitting in there and I love it! love it!

I’m going to show you one of the things I think it’s pretty cool, and an option for you to do again with this free version of this plugin. They have an area, here again, we go to under the tools section. You have an area here called admin menu. What we want to do is adjust maybe something over here maybe we want to hide an area maybe we don’t want people getting into the editor area underneath appearance because we’re a little bit afraid of what they’re up to. You could come down in here, open this up, if you wanted to…no lies, hold on.. there you go, open this up and if we wanted to hide that editor just click hide that editor. We don’t want anybody to see that area.

Let’s say on the post maybe people don’t understand that it’s a post. Maybe we want to just rename that as a blog, I think that’d be kind of cool. Let’s rename that. So those two changes have been made now and obviously, we don’t see them taken effect yet. Let’s scroll down here and click “Save Changes”. And we actually should probably not see them take effect just yet. I can still see this. Here’s the reason why, and this is what’s so cool about this. You can even set these customizations based on their user role. So I’m in here, as an admin so now I need to apply these changes even to the admin level people. So what we’re going to do now is say yes, I want to apply this to admin level and click “Save Changes”. So now this should change to blog. Excellent! Now when I go here, I cannot see the editor area.

Pretty cool plugin for a totally free plugin. All right I’m going to put the link to this plugin in the description box below, and if you have questions about your WordPress website will you please first of all, take a moment to subscribe for free to our YouTube channel because every Wednesday I’m producing a video just like this to help you improve your online experience.

If you have questions please send them to us. I try to do my best to answer questions not only in the comments area but also via Twitter, off our Facebook. We have people’s emails, we have people call us up.

I want to help you make it a great experience with your WordPress website so connect with me and let’s get it done y’all have a great week.

I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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