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Kori Ashton gives you a quick tip on how to improve admin panel WordPress. Check out this free plugin for your dashboard.

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Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and you have found a video on a YouTube channel solely dedicated to all things WordPress. That’s right, we have over 200 free videos here for you to watch and find some really cool resources on how to improve your online marketing, specifically on your WordPress website. Today I want to show you a really cool feature of a new plug-in that I’ve found that is totally free. They do have a pro version but, as we say on this channel, free is always in the budget. So let’s check this out and see if we can make your user experience inside of your admin panel look even better.

Alright so I’ll show you a quick example. This one here is our meet the team page, and we have our team pictures here. Everybody’s got their own featured image that we’re pulling to use for their profile picture, right? Well on the back side of the website, if we were to go in to the dashboard area and go over here on the left side, we have “team members” but when we view this all we see are there are their names, we don’t get to see their beautiful faces so I would like to add something here where I can actually see their beautiful faces and help me very quickly visually see my team members and maybe even see who’s missing a picture.



So I want to introduce you to Admin Columns; this plugin is phenomenal to allow you to add in different fields in your admin panel, your view; so what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to plugins, and say add new, you’re gonna do a lookup of “Admin Columns” and you’ll find this one and of course you want to be sure that it still got great reviews, no matter how old this video is. You want to be sure it has a lot of installs and it’s compatible with your version of WordPress. I’m gonna install now and then the next thing you’re gonna do is activate.



Once those two things are done you’ll have a section underneath settings now that’s gonna have your admin columns. We’ll click into that and of course we’re looking to manipulate the team members area of our website, so I’m going to choose from this drop-down “team members” and of course these are gonna vary depending upon your theme, right? So all these are gonna be really different. This is a custom theme that we’ve built so these are custom post types that we have sitting in here. So these are my team members, and I’d like to go ahead and add in the featured image area so let’s let’s show you how I did that.

I can click “Add column” and I’m gonna choose the type and I’m actually looking for the featured image itself, right? So the action for the featured image is right there, and I’m just gonna say go ahead and use the thumbnail version. I’m fine with that, that’s not a big deal. You can change the width if you want to for the column, it’s up to you.


I’m gonna click update you can also, really cool with this this free plugin, you can drag and drop the order. So if you wanted the featured image to be above our 1st column you can do that. Click “update”. We’ve updated everything so now we jump back over to the team members section; now you’ll see that their picture is first and their name is here. Looks beautiful all the way down the page, so now, just quickly and easily, we can run down through here and pick our team member that we want to edit.



How cool is that, you guys? This Admin Columns is phenomenal and the pro version is pretty spectacular, too. I’ll put the link to this in the description box below. I hope you have a great WordPress Wednesday. See you next time, bye y’all!

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