Kori’s Fav 5 Videos


These are Kori’s 5 favorite videos that she’s created over the last few years. She loves making WP Wednesday videos and helping the community in any way.

1. How to create Anchor tags or Anchor Links in WordPress

This was one of my older videos that still gets a lot of views. This topic was something simple to teach, but difficult to find good tutorial resources for. I love getting tweets with ideas for video tutorials.

2. WordPress CSS Tips for Beginners

CSS was always so intimidating for me as I began to learn code. Once I had my “ah ha!” moment, the light came on and I’ve never feared since. I hope that this video gives others their “ah ha!” moment!

3. How to Style Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms Part 2

If you’ve watched my channel at all – you know that I love Gravity Forms. My whole playlist is very special to me, and that’s why it’s #3 & #4 on this list.

4. Use Images in Gravity Forms

This was so cool to learn and to share. So many folks don’t know this is possible. Most of the fields in Gravity Forms are HTML ready.

5. 8 Must Haves for Your Home Page – WordPress

Our home page can be a customer’s first impression of your services, products and brand. Be sure to have the right content on your home page. This is just a MUST watch video.