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How to set up a list option in #WordPress using Gravity Forms. Kori Ashton from WebTegrity will help you create an option inside of your form to allow users to manually add more options for registration or other uses.

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Hey y’all, it’s that time again. Another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here in San Antonio, Texas at WebTegrity and you have found a YouTube channel solely dedicated to all things WordPress. Every single Wednesday I’m going to be helping you improve your online marketing, totally for free because we love the WordPress community. We’re giving out great little tidbits on how you can improve all things you’re doing inside your WordPress website and social media AND search engine optimization and all sorts of cool stuff.

Today we are looking at Gravity Forms. If you’re familiar with them at all, or if you’re familiar with my channel, you know that I talk about them a lot. There are all sorts of cool stuff you can do inside of this premium form builder for WordPress. Again, it’s called Gravity Forms. Today, we’re specifically going to look at how to create this type of function…Check this out…What if you had a form that has the ability for people to add multiple items, to get us registered. This example is “Register Your Pup” or “Pups”. If you had one, you would just go down and fill out the form; however, if you have multiple pups that you wanted to include in this one registration form (You wanted the customer to be able to automatically add more people), this is as simple as it gets. Look at this, you guys. How cool is this? So, I’m going to show you how to do this, right here and right now.

Here we go. Of course, you have to have Gravity Forms and that is a premium plugin used inside of WordPress. I want you to go to your forms. This is how it would look. You’d click “Add New Form” or if you’re working on an existing form, this is exactly how it looks. I’m going to slide off the screen so you can just stay focused here. What we’re looking for is an option inside of advanced fields. You’re going to use an option called “Lists”. This allows the user to add another row or add another option manually. Their choice. We would say “Register a Friend”, right? Or “Register all the attendees” or whatever you like to do there. The way you get the multiple column rows is this…

By clicking “enable” and see the example up here. Now it’s going to give us multiple things to put in the columns here and you can add multiple columns if you needed to, as well. For example, here they have five options across here. We would add “First Name”, “Last Name” and maybe “Age” if that was a necessity in there. Or you could back that one out if you wanted to. You could have a max of how many people they can include in this registration and you can make it required if you’d like to. All of these things can be set pretty easily. Let’s just say 10 for the sake of 10. Then it would cut it off and not allow them to add more than 10.

Click “Update”. When you embed this now inside of your website, you would get this example, First Name, Last Name.
Click, click, click click click

Of course, as you go down, just keep adding. Now, of course, I can’t add more than 10. It allows them to fill out the form and add in all of their entries. How cool and easy is that? This puts the control into your consumer or your customer’s hands. The person trying to register inside of this form. Whatever that case may be. Get creative with how you can use this “List” feature inside of Gravity Forms. I hope this helps you. If you have any questions about this, please be sure to connect with the Gravity Forms support form, first; because they’re the experts at this.

If you have any questions specifically on how you’d like to use Gravity Forms on your website, you can always reach out to us. Tweet to us. Jump over to our website. I’ll put the link in the description box below and I will catch y’all next WordPress Wednesday.Bye for now.

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