Make a Multi-Page Blog Post in WordPress – Simple & Fast


Have you ever wanted to make a multi-page blog post in #WordPress? You don’t need a plugin or a fancy theme. You don’t even need to know code. Just copy and paste a simple line into your blog post to break it up into multiple pages.

Full Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and you have found a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress. Every single Wednesday I’m producing some sort of video just like this to teach you how to improve your online marketing, specifically in the world of WordPress. Check this out.

All of us have probably experienced those websites, that you’re coming off of social media, and you want to see list website, right. This one says “20 San Antonio Businesses Using WordPress” and as you click through, you get to click through this and now I get to see the second one, and the third one and you get to just go through this. I’m finding out that we’re calling this a “multi page post“. Basically, you want to figure out how to turn one blog post into multiple pages for people to easily click through.

Now, the reason you might want to do this is if you have maybe a 2,000 word blog article that’s very extensive and long and for some reason, you think you’re seeing people drop off. The user experience is not great, so you kind of want to break that into chunks; but, you don’t want to go to the trouble of actually creating three or four different blog posts. There’s no reason for that because, there’s a simple, super easy fix. Here it is. Are y’all ready for this? Here we go. Super cheesy easy.

Let’s see…I’ve got an example here of a longer post. Kind of breaks out. I want to put a break here and you can see it’s a longer post…it’s longer post…and I want to put a break here… Just a really long post and it could potentially bore people and I don’t want to do that. So, let’s do this…We’re gonna click “Edit Post” and we’re in the visual mode here.

Let’s toggle over to “Text Mode” for a second. I’m going to show you…Are you ready for it? It’s really complicated…Here we go. Here it is. That’s it. This is the nerd code you’re going to copy and paste in that’s going to break the post into multiple pages. Check this out.

I’m inside my post, I’m going to scroll down to where I want my major break to be. I’m going to paste in my nerd code for next page. I’m going to come down here and enter down and paste in my nerd code again. If you were to see that on the front side, it’s putting in an actual page break. How cool is that y’all? I’m going to click “Update” and check out what it did for me. This is also going to vary just a little bit with how your theme is going to make it look because your theme will apply this. Check that out.

Now, if I click “2” there’s my major break and the article is continued and I can go ahead and click “3” and then again, the article is continued and ends with the option to go back and see the other pages. How cool is that, y’all? That’s super simple. I’m going to go ahead and put this nerd code, right here in the description box below. So you can check that out.

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