Become a Front-End Developer / Freelancer
8-Week Course Focused on WordPress

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Course Schedule: Starts every 8 weeks
Class Days: Tues / Thurs
Time: 6 to 9 pm
Registration Fee: $6,500

WP Next LVL is an intense 8-week WordPress Web design training course that covers everything you need to know to land that dream job or become the freelance Web developer you’ve always wanted to be! This course will submerge you in the WordPress Web design industry with firsthand experience. You will build your resume and your confidence to impress either a potential client or potential employer.

NOTE: The WP Beginner FastTrack course is a prerequisite for WP Next LVL, or you can test out of that track and into this class directly. Go ahead and apply to learn more.

What You Will Learn

Within the first week, you’ll be learning code, design, and marketing. Sound exciting? You’ll join up to 11 other students on a journey leading you through the basics of setting up your business to the more complex fundamentals of Web development.

But we don’t stop there. Next, you’ll learn how to market your business, your projects, and even yourself.

  • Fundamentals of HTML5 & CSS3
  • Advanced WordPress Knowledge
  • Essential WordPress PHP
  • WordPress Themes from Scratch
  • Creating Widgets
  • Customizing Plugins
  • Web Structure and Design Concepts
  • Online Marketing and Conversion
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization for Content and Developers
  • Blogging and Content Curation
  • Social Media Marketing: How to Use SMM to Sell and Engage
  • Business Setup, Contracts, and Proposals
  • How to Sell Your Services and Find Clients
  • How to Interview and Present a “Real-World” Resume/Portfolio

Learn At a Web Company

Our classroom is located at the offices of our Web design company, so you get to experience the environment of our industry first-hand.

Learn From Pro Nerds

You’ll be learning from actual professional nerd coders who live, eat and sleep code. Get insider knowledge directly from our pros.

Fast and Effective

Because we’ve learned the hard way we’re ready to teach you the fastest, most effective way to use WordPress for your business or blog.

Convenient Hours

Just a few hours per week, and you’ll be quickly learning nerd code and how to use WordPress. Keep your day job and still get nerdy.

Best CMS

WordPress is the best content management system on the market, and growing more and more daily. One in four websites run on WordPress.

More Than Code

You’re not just going to learn some basic coding. You’ll also take away knowledge on SEO, SMM, content writing and conversion strategy.

How Much Will it Cost?

When you’re accepted to the Next Level, you’ll attend this 8-week course twice a week with optional Saturday workshops where you can come in and get help on your own websites. This flexible schedule will allow you to learn WordPress in an uninterrupted classroom environment, then have the remaining portion of the day for your job, school, family life, or homework (as there will be plenty!).


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Graduate Spotlight
Zabrina R.



WordPress FastTrack

Working Freelance

“It was an amazing course and I feel like I’ve learned so much. So many of the things were [taught in a way that was] not over my head. The pace and the energy of the class was just fantastic. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is starting out or already knows the bare bones of Web coding.”

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Who Should Apply to the NEXT LEVEL?

Once you’ve completed our WP Beginner FastTrack course, you can apply for this NEXT LEVEL course. Our custom curriculum was written to include those just starting out, starting over, or starting to dive deep into Web design. No matter your prior level of knowledge, this course will provide you the skills and resources necessary to be the best in our industry.

Once the 6-week WP Beginner Fast Track is complete, you’ll move on to the WP NEXT LEVEL. This advanced 8-week course will give you a deeper knowledge of Web design and style, UX, UI and conversion strategies, and of course WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. You’ll code two complete “from-scratch” WordPress websites where you’ll understand what it takes to code every element required for widgets, plugins, custom post types and more.

We’re not just teaching code—we’re teaching Web development entrepreneurship. With both the WP Beginner FastTrack and the NEXT LEVEL, you’ll have about 120 hours of instruction. Imagine understanding every angle of online marketing—not only for your business, but also to share with your future clients.

What Will I take Away From the NEXT LEVEL?

After completing both the WP Beginner FastTrack and the NEXT LEVEL in just 14 weeks, you’ll graduate Web 360 Certified. You’ll have multiple website designs and up to three live WordPress websites to showcase in your portfolio, one totally from scratch. You’ll be well versed in today’s methods of organic SEO, and have the skills to manage social media marketing as well. Your resume will have the exact requirements it takes to land a job in the Web design industry or to start your own freelance company.

Why WordPress?

WebTegrity has built our company on the WordPress CMS. Since “tens of thousands of WordPress websites are created every day,” we’re confident that teaching you this platform can only better prepare you for real-world projects.

Why WebTegrity?

When you come to learn from us, you’re engaging with actual WordPress developers who make a living building what we teach. This is what we do every day for clients around the world. We are WordPress contributors, WordPress Meetup Instructors, WordPress developers, and WordCamp sponsors and organizers. See a pattern? WordPress! We know it, and we know how to teach it.

You’ll even learn from SEO specialists and social media marketers. What this means is a developer will not be teaching you social media. A social media expert will be teaching you. We’re a complete team ready to help you learn WordPress quickly and easily! There are no huge text books, and no boring videos. Get ready to learn in person!

What Hours am I Required to Attend?

No classes are “required.” However, we strongly suggest that you make a commitment to this course and take advantage of all provided hours.

8 weeks – Tues / Thurs 6 to 9 pm

What Materials or Supplies Will I Need?

The only thing you are required to bring to every class is your own laptop (Mac preferred but not required). Your laptop will need to have Wi-Fi capabilities. You may want access to the Adobe Suite, but it’s not required as most of WordPress can be worked on directly or in a text editor. If you’re accepted to the course, a complete list of helpful (not required) programs will be sent to you in your welcome packet. A three-month subscription to Adobe Photoshop is included in your tuition.

Can I Make Payments for the Tuition?

Upon acceptance, you’ll have three business days to make your deposit payment ($2,500) to secure your place in the class. This deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferable to another class tuition within 90 days. We do offer a payment plan for the balance, but fees may apply. Ask us about this during your application process.

Why Do I Have to Apply?

We receive many applicants per year interested in attending our courses, but we only accept those who truly have a desire to learn. We want you to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are passionate about Web design and online marketing. Having an application process allows us to interview and accept those willing to give 100% to the program.

Where Are the Classes Held?

All classes are held at WebTegrity, a real Web design company, located at 8746 Wurzbach Road, #206, San Antonio, TX 78240.

Our classroom is upstairs and is not handicap accessible. However, if you apply and are in need of assistance, we do offer an online option. Mention this concern when applying.

Who Are my Instructors?

Every instructor at WebTegrity is an expert in their field, whether it’s online marketing and SEO, social media marketing and conversion, Web design, or Web development. Each instructor is hand-picked and comes to us with college degree, real-world experience, and a passion to teach.

Is There Additional Tutoring or Mentoring?

You’ll be able to attend Saturday workshop hours (these will vary). You will also have access to one-on-one mentors with whom you can schedule time in addition to our classes.

This seems very advanced. Is there a more basic course?

Don’t be intimidated by the list of topics you’ll be learning. No previous coding experienced is required. We start from the basics. However, you’ll need to give your full attention to our instructors as they’ll be moving pretty quickly into advanced code.

Can I skip the WP Beginner FastTrack and jump directly to the Next LEVEL?

Sure thing! You can test out of our WP Beginner FastTrack course. However, we do warn you that you’ll lose key elements taught in our beginner course that can help even the most advanced developer.

Some of you might be more experienced with WordPress and feel that six weeks in a “beginner” track would be a waste of time. We grouped these classes together for one simple reason—it takes more than knowing code to develop a successful website. Remember that WP Beginner FastTrack is more than just WordPress basics. You’ll be learning design strategies, SEO, SMM, blogging techniques, and many other elements that will play an important role in the NEXT LEVEL.

I’m more interested in coding languages and building apps. Is there something for me in this class?

Our courses can certainly better help you understand Web development and online marketing, but if you’re looking to land a Web developer job that’s not necessarily WordPress-centered, we highly recommend CodeUp. They are a San Antonio-based team teaching more in-depth programming in a bootcamp-style structure.