Want to Design Websites? We offer WordPress Web design classes in San Antonio. Our experienced instructors teach WordPress Web design and offer SEO training. In our classes, you’ll learn all you need to know ranging from the absolute basics of HTML, to advanced PHP scripting, to SEO strategies, and more.

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Fixing Cross Browser Issues
  • Interactive Widgets (Calendars, Photo Galleries, Social Media)
  • Basic to Advanced PHP
  • Non-Flash Dynamic Movement (JavaScript)
  • Incorporating Social Media
  • Basic to Advanced SEO Techniques

These days, it’s really nice to have a solid income, but that’s not always easy. The great thing about designing websites is that EVERY business needs one, every organization needs one—heck, pretty much anyone who wants to be profitable in business will need your services! We can teach you what you need to know.

responsive websitesTeach other Web Designers

You might wonder why a Web design company would teach potential competition. The answer is, we don’t see you as competition. We see you as colleagues with the potential to expand our network. We think that by the time you’ve reached the level of understanding needed to create dynamic, well-performing websites, our working relationship will be established. You’ll be able to call on us for further help, and we’ll be able to refer folks to you.

Classroom Setting for Web Design Courses

Do you learn better hands on vs. reading or watching videos online? Come into WebTegrity (located in San Antonio, TX) and learn from our small team of designers. Web design classes don’t have to be boring or drawn out over years of expensive semesters. You can learn all you need to know in just a few weeks of training. (8 weeks basic course, one class per week)