Keeping up with customers on the go!

With more and more folks using their mobile devices to find what they need online, businesses can no longer ignore the need for mobile-friendly websites. Even with 4G and LTE capabilities, mobile devices still have difficulty loading bulky sites or seeing certain types of script. If you’re trying to extend your reach into a new direction, let WebTegrity create a mobile-friendly website for your business.

  • Allow users to see content more easily
  • Allow users to navigate the website more easily
  • Streamline your content
  • Show customers you’re up to date
  • Give them an easier way to contact you
  • Push them to take the exact actions you want

You could always have a “View Our Mobile Site” link on your main site to allow folks to view the faster version, or have “View Our Main Site” on the mobile version for those who might want to view the site at a regular size. Major brands are making this additional investment because they see the importance of the simplicity for the end user as technology allows us to be even more mobile.

The primary goal of the mobile site would be to create style sheets that are designed to be seen on two-inch screens—like smartphones. Your website would be compressed to a single-column layout, and all images would be resized for faster viewing. Content would be optimized for easier reading and your navigation would simplify considerably to one or two calls to action.

Your contact information, including phone number and address, would be set so that smart devices could read them, and viewers could easily click on the phone number and their phone would dial you, or click on the address and their navigation system would enable them to see directions to your locations immediately.

We suggest Responsive Design

Check out this article that explains mobile-friendly vs. responsive design. It will explain all of the cool technology for mobile websites. Instead of spending thousands on a totally separate mobile version of your website, we suggest creating a responsive website. These are even more dynamic than mobile-friendly websites.
Learn About Responsive Websites