We are a team of freakishly-smart nerds
in love with WordPress and SEO

When we meet…

You’ll understand the WebTegrity difference. Even our business name shines a light on our hearts as nerdy Web coders. We’re not only passionate about producing a great product for our clients, we’re also passionate about teaching the latest technology and marketing techniques. Come get nerdy with us!

Kori Ashton

CEO | SEO Specialist

Kori Ashton has been listed as one of seven women who run tech startups in San Antonio to watch. She started her first company at the age of 12, and has had an entrepreneur’s heart ever since. She built her first HTML website in 1998, and was instantly hooked on Web design. With a degree in the arts, Kori brings to WebTegrity fun creativity, and more than fifteen years of experience as an online marketing specialist, graphic designer, and Web developer.

Since 2005, Kori has taught HTML, CSS, Web design, WordPress, SEO and other topics to hundreds of students at schools, colleges, and community classes across Texas. Here are some of her talks at WordCamps across the US.

As a sixth generation Texan, she and her partner, along with their two sons and dachshund, are proud to call San Antonio their home. In her spare time, Kori enjoys speaking at events, painting (you can see her artwork in our creative loft), biking the mission trails, hanging out with family, and playing the guitar. Check out her TEDx San Antonio Talk and her YouTube Tutorials all about WordPress.

Jason Merrell

Creative Director

Jason Merrell is a U.S. Army veteran with a passion for creating strategic content and building dynamic WordPress websites. He spent eight years as a public affairs specialist and served as a non-commissioned officer for military intelligence organizations around the world. After finishing his enlistment, he wanted to continue using his skills to build a community, particularly around his passions for Web development, gaming and firearms.

YouTube became a great outlet for his passions. A few years and more than 700 videos later, “Sergeant Merrell”—as he is known on YouTube—has amassed a following of more than 70,000 loyal fans spanning several social media platforms. Still a soldier and non-commissioned officer at heart, Jason approaches his content with a genuine, professional attitude that many of have come to enjoy. Hear him share about YouTube at WordCamp San Antonio 2015.

Jason, his wife and their two children call San Antonio home. Recently, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing, and spends his days building custom responsive WordPress themes. He’s also cultivating his newest passion—teaching others how to turn their own passions into reality. Read his interview here >

Ashley Falsario

Senior WordPress Developer

Some may call Ashley Falsario a Web developer, but to her, that’s just a boring way of saying she makes awesome things with code. Ashley’s journey into programming started when she quit her job as a laser technician to attend Codeup, a 12-week programming boot camp. She’s been coding ever since. Ashley’s love for PHP and MySQL has allowed her to transition nicely into developing with WordPress.

Ashley was first introduced to the greatness of WordPress at a workshop Kori Ashton taught at Cafe Commerce. Since then, she’s been all about that WP.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys watching live music in Austin, and spending time with her daughter and husband. As a true nerd, Ashley enjoys personal programming projects. She also sometimes spends time making tangible things with clay, yarn, or metal. Read her interview here >>

Grace Faubion

Senior WordPress Developer

Grace Faubion is a web loving Codeup grad who found a passion for WordPress through the San Antonio WordPress Wednesday meet up group. After meeting Kori and completing WebTegrity’s very first WordPress course she was hooked on all things WP! Thanks to WebTegrity’s WordPress course Grace was able to land a few clients on her own. Ultimately she wanted to be in a team environment to share experiences, resources and nerdy fun.

Beyond all of the above – Grace enjoys the dog park with her three pups, a good happy hour, and hanging out with family. She loves to jam out to cheesy pop songs in the car (she’ll be the one dancing in the front seat not caring that everyone is watching!) – and on occasion she treats us to an afternoon yoga session!

Brandi Hernandez

Lead Customer Care Tech

Brandi made a complete transition from working at a pediatric dental office to follow her true passion – Web Development. She always knew from the first time she took a course in high school that her heart was meant to be in this high-tech field. She was very excited that she finally made the decision to come out of her “nerd-closet” and follow her dreams!

Brandi graduated WebTegrity’s WordPress course in the summer of 2015 and was a natural fit into our team bringing awesome energy, and great organizational skills to our projects. She’s currently in training to become a front end developer.

When she isn’t “nerding out” on WordPress she is enjoying life with her husband and three children in San Antonio, TX. You’ll find that she can’t stick to one hobby and is always tackling a “do-it-yourself project if something seems interesting to make or do. She is always finding ways to make someone smile or laugh (either with or at her-especially those impersonations.) Read her interview here >>

John Watts

Developer | Customer Care Tech

John Watts is a recent Codeup grad from the UK. He moved to the US from Italy in 2014 and after a brief stint in Denver, CO, moved to San Antonio with his wife and dog in 2015. He studied American Studies at King’s College, London and has had a varied career history. He has worked in the travel industry as a bicycle tour guide in Tuscany, a translator and English teacher, and even a bike messenger in Milan, Italy, before finally making the transition to coding and the wonderful world of WordPress at WebTegrity. John is passionate about helping others and ensuring clients are happy and well informed.

In his free time John is an avid fly fisher and tries to keep himself fit with cycling and soccer, although he is sometimes defeated by the summer heat in Texas! He also loves to travel and go to live music events and eventually wants to visit every state in the US (he only has 37 to go). Read his interview here >>

Fernanda Garcia

UX / UI Web Designer

Fernanda Garcia spends most days obsessing over type, photography, and music. She considers herself a passionate creative who loves the web and its unlimited possibilities. The idea of being a great designer is what wakes her up in the morning. As a creative nerd and – holding an – Advertising Design major, she loves to tell engaging stories through design. She considers design a non-stop learning process and has set out on an adventure to explore and master it.

Coincidentally, her name means “adventurer”, and it’s not off by a long shot. She refuses to limit her imagination and skillset to design trends and rules that set boundaries on her craft. Instead, she will absorb, learn and breathe in anything and everything beautiful, eye catching, and mesmerizing; then, she will improve it, make it her own, and set her own trends. Give this girl a cup of coffee and a challenge – and watch her create.

Paul Ford

Director of Digital Marketing

Paul Ford is an experienced small business manager and entrepreneur who brings a passion for marketing and customer experience to the team, previously serving in management roles in both large and small companies covering all aspects of running a business. His range includes an expertise in start up businesses, designing marketing plans and growing a customer base from nothing more than a great idea. He is a certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords specialist. Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and a member of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society for Business. He works closely with Catherine, WebTegrity’s social media guru, ensuring our SEO/SMM clients are well-represented in the digital marketing world.

Paul is a Certified Cicerone®, which means he is also an expert in beer, yes really! He is owner of the small business Beer Smarts, a consulting and training company for craft beer businesses. He is also the award-winning brewer and partner in one of San Antonio’s first local breweries, Branchline Brewing Company. A nice Texas-brewed six-pack of cold beer is definitely the way to his hoppy heart.

When he’s not being a SEO nerd, Paul and his wife have fun with their three young children, great dane, and two cats. He enjoys reading and writing in his spare time, teaching his kids how to enjoy the outdoors, and riding his motorcycle around town. Read his interview here >>

Joy Postell

Accountant | Co-Founder

Joy Postell considers herself blessed beyond measure. She’s been married to the love of her life since 1966. They have two amazing children, and five grandchildren. Family is the most important part of her life after her faith in Jesus Christ. She has worked from home as a medical transcriptionist since 1992, but is now phasing out of that occupation and increasing her commitment to WebTegrity as our accountant. Joy enjoys working with her daughter Kori and her husband Rusty at WebTegrity. She affirms, “I am proud of how Kori and Rusty have combined their talents and skills used in their previous Web design businesses, and are now working together to make WebTegrity a success!”

Joy’s hobbies include cooking new recipes, sewing, crocheting, quilting, and reading. Other side projects include completing a family photo album that covers seven generations, and she helped a lifelong friend write and edit a book that was published in 2014.  Read her interview here >>

Rusty Postell

Email Tech Support | Co-Founder

Rusty Postell has been in the website design business since before Google existed. He had been a small engine repairman for a family landscaping business, and later for Malibu Castle, maintaining their race cars and bumper boats. But in 1996, he suffered a hand injury that required surgery and two years on disability. During those two years, he taught himself how to develop websites, and he and a friend established Webmasters International that had clients in two countries and three states. He soon bought out his partner and continued the business, working from home for 15 years. He and his daughter Kori merged their two website businesses in 2012, creating WebTegrity.

Rusty has been happily married to his high school sweetheart since 1966. He has two children and five grandchildren. He enjoys metal detecting, fishing, and hunting, as well as his adorable dachshund, Lady. Children naturally flock to Rusty because he dazzles them with his tricks and stunts. You’ll never find him without his boots on—he’s even been seen playing volleyball in his boots! His faith in God is a big part of Rusty’s life, and he likes to joke that communion in heaven is going to be served with two of his favorites: coffee and donuts!

Claire Jackson

Copywriter | Content Strategist

A writer since childhood, Claire draws on her past in the academic, information technology, and marketing arenas to create top-notch content that converts. Despite her lifelong affinity for the written word, she took the long way around to a career in writing, having spent a good chunk of her early adult years skulking around the periphery of corporate America, fiddling with doodles and fixing computers and designing international asset management policies.

She’s also had the good fortune to create, schedule, and manage both onsite and social media content for major companies in a variety of fields, including retail, banking, and digital marketing. Having worked with industry leaders such as Macy’s, Experian, At Home, and Disney on national campaigns, she’s just as passionate about creating outstanding content for clients of all sizes.

A published poet and author of short fiction, Claire enjoys puzzles, video games, and exploring nature in her free time.