About Us

We’re Pre-Google!

Our cyber doors were open before Google existed! Not too many web design companies can claim that one! We’ve coded websites since 1997 – and believe me when I say – it was tough explaining to business owners how amazing this new thing called a “business website” was going to be! Most businesses were yellow page fanatics, and change isn’t always easy. So we had an uphill climb, but thankfully Rusty (the original visionary) had the guts to stick with it and keep learning, educating clients, and growing our company.

Another thing pretty different from other web design companies is that our whole team is here – in San Antonio. We do not farm out your project to overseas developers. We do not have another company that we share our clients with. You can come in and meet with the gal or guy who is designing your new look and writing all of the code to develop the site. You’ll meet the people who will be working on your Social Media Marketing and writing content for you. You can even sit down with the experts here who will be taking your Search Engine Optimization to the next level!

What makes us different?

We’re different because we care. It’s easy to find a web designer who will promise you the world and never deliver, or disappears right in the middle of the project. Be confident when choosing us. We’ll work with you hand-in-hand to ensure your total satisfaction and online success.

We’re different also because we’re dedicated to your project even after it goes live online. We will not launch your site and disappear on you. We offer SEO Training to help drive quality traffic to your site. We also offer further WordPress Classes.

We can help with integrating your social media so that you can stay connected with your customers and keep them informed about your services and products. When you’re our client, you will feel the difference.

Our dedicated designers are different due to their passion for functional user-friendliness and furthering their knowledge so that our services can always be up-to-date and relevant in an ever-changing industry. Our team will stay ahead of the competition so that we can keep you ahead of yours!


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Where we got our name

After 10 years of building websites in San Antonio and the South Texas area, Kori Ashton, owner of Studio Ten23, realized that a majority of new clients were coming to them with horror stories of their previous web companies. These clients were being taken advantage of by rotten web companies out to swindle them. Studio Ten23 would fix these broken websites, move them to quality hosting, redesign them for better SEO strategy and ultimately mend the broken trust that the clients had experienced. This lack of integrity by rotten so-called “web companies” is what sparked an idea for Kori.

In January 2012, Studio Ten23 and Webmasters International, another local web design company with 17 years experience, decided to merge their companies to create WebTegrity, LLC. Their one hope is to restore integrity to online marketing as honest web designers in San Antonio.

Integrity. Commitment. Results. This is what WebTegrity, LLC is all about. We focus on two things in our company – Maintaining our Clients’ Trust and Creating Dynamic Websites. Our networked team of designers and programers have over 25 collective years of experience between them. We are ready to put our knowledge to work for you. – Kori

See our Portfolio and read for yourself what folks are saying about the results they’ve had since working with us for their website design and online marketing needs.