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If you’d like to read our Google reviews, click the icon and read about finding the best Web design company in San Antonio. We’re grateful for our kind clients and we’re honored to post some of their awesome reviews of our team, our consulting and developing as well as our excellent teachers / instructors.


When our previous Web host/designer went AWOL, we were unable to make any changes to our website, and with our annual promotion coming up quickly, we were in a bad situation. Without access to our website we were in trouble.

Enter WebTegrity. Not only did they design and build a beautiful new website for us, they were able to capture member info and photos from our old website for almost 80 different members. This alone was monumental. It saved us having to contact all our members and have them re-submit all that info.

Working with their team was very easy and professional. Any questions or issues were promptly answered or quickly resolved.

Working with us may not have been as easy for them; we had to have “decisions” pass the officers’ review, and may have taken a few days in some cases to get a simple answer back to them. They took it all in stride, and were very professional about the whole process. Our entire membership is very pleased with the end product.

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— Scott
American Pistolsmiths Guild

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Every now and then we get a call from our viewers on YouTube. One Thursday afternoon our phone rang – just about an hour later we received this review on our Facebook page – QUOTE: Kori, after hearing the desperation in my voice returned my call in 10 min. After taking her valuable time to listen to my problem, she fix one right then and gave me good suggestions on how to resolve my problems going forward. Kori restored my faith in the geeks of the world, and humanity. Turned a bad day into a good day, Thank you, Kori! – Joyce Concelo
Divine Skin Creations


I am overwhelmed with the website. It is excellent and beyond my expectations. The best I’ve seen anywhere. Thanks so much for spending so much time and energy on it. — Molly



We just updated our website with WebTegrity and WOW what a great team! We knew we needed a bigger presence online and WebTegrity had so many great ideas. They helped us put a plan together, and executed that plan flawlessly. They even trained one of our team to keep our new site updated.

I couldn’t be prouder to show off our new site to our clients. It is something that our whole team utilizes and is excited about. It has really made a difference in our business, and the service that was provided to us by the WebTegrity team could not have been better.

WebTegrity has helped us grow our business for nine years, and I couldn’t think of a thing that I would change or do differently, their work for us has always been better than expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are amazing. — Doug


Kori and WebTegrity were a delight to work with. Personal. Professional. And most importantly, interested in us as clients to the degree that our website accurately depicts our mission, vision, and purpose. I specifically remember a detailed call in which Kori helped us better define the purpose of our website and how to design it in order to lead people where we wanted (in our case, to come to church).

They were also very helpful in designing the navigation on our site so that it was intuitive and easy for people of all ages and backgrounds. After working with several other Web designers with disastrous results, WebTegrity was a dream come true (and an answer to prayer)! — Pastor Wes

Hill Country Pain


Kori, I am totally delighted by the website you produced for us. The functions you added make for an easy way for not only our customers, but also for my company to use. The feeling of empowerment in being able to make changes on our own is great. Your accessibility made for an easy transition. Thank you for a terrific job! — Sam


I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to work with you. Everything you did for my website was incredible! People tell me all the time how beautiful the website is. Everything was so easy, and I had great instructions through the entire process.

I will definitely continue to have a long working relationship with you and recommend you guys to anyone looking for a website designer. Thanks again. — Jessica