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Learn WordPress and More

Do you need to move quickly to launch your WordPress website? Or do you need to take a refresher course on SEO? Are you working on a tight budget? These WordPress & Online Marketing workshops are geared just for you.

Packed into a short time frame, our instructors will walk you through Web basics. The instructors will share shortcuts and resources that are not only time-savers, but the professional insider secrets that will make the process efficient and effective for any of your online marketing needs. Choose from short one -our classes or two-day weekend workshops.

Are you a total beginner looking to learn in person? Look for our beginner courses. These are taught at the entry level so you can gain a foundation of resources and knowledge that will help you learn without overwhelming you.

Everyone learns differently and at different speeds, so we keep our classes small to be able to focus on all students. This means you’re sure to get the attention you need in the process of becoming the online marketing success you dream of.

Quick and Effective

Your time is valuable, and you can’t spend it unless you’re confident about the outcome. These workshops will give you incredible results in optimal time.

In-Person Instruction

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to learn something by yourself. Video tutorials and blog posts can only help so much. Learn from real professionals in a comfortable and welcoming classroom setting.

Total Beginner

No previous coding skills are necessary for most of our workshops. Look for the beginners classes and find yourself starting to understand a whole new world of nerd code.

Stay Current

Maybe you just need a refresher course on SEO or Social Media Marketing? Select one of our classes where you can ask questions and get help with your brand’s online marketing.

Our Instructors

Kori Ashton WordPress Instructor

Kori Ashton

Co-Owner | Lead Instructor

Kori Ashton WordPress Instructor

Jason A. Merrell

Lead Developer | Instructor

Kori Ashton WordPress Instructor


Content Strategist | Instructor